K&M Dri-Lay Masonry

Commercial Retaining Walls

K&M Dri-Lay Masonry has been constructing large commercial walls since 1999. Our commitment to excellence and our desire to build the highest quality walls possible is the reason we have been so successful in the commercial wall market. We have built walls in excess of 45 feet high and as long as 1,600 feet. We have also built MSE structures in excess of 40 feet tall. We have the ability to offer a complete wall package to every customer including engineering, excavation, construction and remediation. We are very proud that in our 10 year history we have built some very impressive structures both large and small. The walls shown in the gallery below are some examples of projects we feel are unique in that they have special purpose or have impressive characteristics. We use products from only the best manufacturers in the business to guarantee that our walls will last forever and that they will look outstanding for many years to come.