K&M Dri-Lay Masonry


K&M Dri-Lay Masonry, Inc. is owned and operated by David Kirkpatrick and Lowell Metzger. We became friends while growing up and attending school in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. After high school, David attended Penn State University and received an Associates Degree in Forestry and Lowell began working in the excavation and construction industry. After a few years of working as employees of other companies, with David in hardscaping and landscaping and Lowell in excavation we decide we would like to pursue the challenge of owning our own company. In 1999, utilizing the knowledge we both had acquired from our past employment experience, our desire to work hard and in an outdoor environment we decided to start a hardscaping business which is known today as K&M Dri-Lay Masonry, Inc. (K&M Dri-Lay).

Starting out on a very small scale, as most new businesses do, it was just the two of us, a truck and a skid loader. We obtained most of our business through word of mouth by satisfied customers. Initially, we only did residential work. As time passed and we needed more help we hired an employee or two and began to grow from there.

It had always been our desire to get into commercial work. The construction industry was booming and the need for commercial hardscaping was growing rapidly. We wanted to be a part of that action. We knew we could do the job but what we needed was someone to give us a chance to prove ourselves. An acquaintance of David’s, which owns a very successful construction business in the York, Pennsylvania area, offered us that chance. The project was to build a large segmental retaining wall to hold up a driveway leading to a new commercial warehouse. After discussing the project with an engineer and contacting a block manufacturer, we submitted our bid to the contractor. The contractor decided to award us the project. This wall was about 18 feet tall and was bigger than anything we had ever imagined building. As we look back now this was just the beginning of bigger and better projects. After about 4 weeks, the project was complete and the contractor that had hired us to construct the wall was extremely satisfied with the completed work and the efficiency of our workers. We declared this project a huge success and asked to be contacted in the future for other projects requiring retaining walls. This was the opened door to a future that neither of us had expected. We will forever be eternally grateful to this contractor and others for giving us the chance to prove ourselves. Today, we have installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of retaining walls.

Over the past ten years K&M Dri-Lay has completed some very prestigious projects in the eastern part of the United States. We have worked for the Federal Government, as well as State and Local municipalities. K&M Dri-Lay continuously strives to provide the same quality work that has allowed us to achieve what we have become today. We plan to continue offering the same quality workmanship at competitive prices for many years to come. It doesn’t matter what the project may be nor how large or small it may be K&M Dri-Lay can get the job done efficiently and with the quality you are looking for.